What Are the 5 Best Things When Renting An Apartment?

one bedroom furnsihed apartment in Sydney, Australia

A furnished apartment gives you everything you are looking for when searching for accommodation options.

When looking for accommodation in a big city there are really only two options that you should consider: One is a hotel, which is what many choose not knowing there is another one, renting a fully furnished apartment. Of these two options, only one of them really is worth considering if you’re looking for a special experience and that is the latter.

Renting a fully furnished apartment is something that once done, it’s extremely hard to go back to a simple hotel. If you’ve already done it then you’ll know how much of a pleasant experience it is to kick back in your own place for the holiday, to feel as if you are truly living in the city you are renting the apartment in, very similar to what ApartmentsFirst offer.  Here are 5 things that are the best about renting an apartment:


Location is a prime factor in the choosing of an apartment. Do you want to be in the city, in the thick of things where there are the best restaurants, clubs and bars and everything that makes the city tick. Staying in the city is perfect as everything you would ever need is within walking distance and there are always good transport links. If you’re not much of a person for staying in the city itself then there are properties out in the suburbs that will surely be what you’re interested in, some people prefer staying out in the suburbs for a good feel of what life is really like for those who live within a few miles of the city centre. If you’re someone who likes to be beside the sea then there are amazing beachfront properties available for the beach goers among you.


You might be wondering how much this is going to set you back, well it’s not as much as you might have thought. This market isn’t just for the rich and famous and you can get an amazing deal on a furnished rental apartment. If you’re sharing with friends then it’s even cheaper for you as you’re not paying the whole price, well, you shouldn’t be anyway. Studio apartments are bound to be the cheapest if you’re only a couple on a short holiday. For families, you might find that it’s a little more expensive but that’s because you are getting much more space.

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Where Do I Find Cheap Short Term Accommodation in Sydney?

bedroom in a short term accommodation

Finding short term accommodation in Sydney with this class and comfort is not too difficult to find.

If you’ve just booked a trip to Sydney then you probably are already feeling good, perhaps even excited, perhaps even scared and wondering why you just did that but don’t worry, that feeling will pass as you start to realize that booking a trip to Sydney is only the beginning of an adventure, an adventure that you will want to re-live over and over again.

The fun in the sun, on the white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea, exploring the surrounding areas of the city, delving deep into the heart of the central business district and finding great places to hear live music, eat great food and hang out with friendly Sydneysiders.

Considering your accommodation options

That’s the trip taken care of, now have you considered the accommodation options? Where are you going to stay while enjoying yourself in Sydney? Well, many would just choose a hotel, any hotel would do, right? As long as it’s cheap, as long as it has a bed you’re alright, but are you? It’s all very well booking into a hotel but there are other, much more comfortable short term options on the market.

For example, have you considered renting a fully furnished apartment in Sydney? This could be the perfect option for the short term in Sydney.

The furnished property market is a fantastic alternative to hotels and you really get a sense of freedom and a taste of what it’s like to actually LIVE in Sydney as opposed to just staying there for a short time. Many tourists who book trips to Sydney are unaware of this alternative to hotels and how cheap it actually is to book these apartments.

The best choice in short term accommodation

One of the foremost sites to find short term accommodation in Sydney is furnishedproperties.com.au, on the site you can find links to dozens of fully furnished apartments in various locations. Some of these apartments are located in some of the prime locations that Sydney has to offer such as Bondi Beach, the Sydney Central Business district and the waterfront. You can choose from a studio apartment to 3 bedroom properties.

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The Drive from Alice to Sydney

A driving holiday may not be a lot of fun for those who don’t enjoy driving but those who do enjoy driving will appreciate the many fine aspects of a drive from “The Alice” to the bustling metropolis that is Sydney.

The deserts of Australia are fascinating and have a lot of history behind them; with many panhandlers finding their fortunes in gold during Australia’s pioneering early years. The Australian desert is also not a good place to get lost in, or if you are actually looking to get lost then yes, it is a perfect place to get lost. There are many dangerous and wild animals that roam the deserts, not to mention venomous snakes and other reptiles. It is highly advised that you stick to the highways and avoid any side trips unless you are certain of where you are heading as you could end up not being able to find your way back to the highway. Maps and GPS Systems come in very handy when driving in Australia.

Sydney harbour bridge

One of the most memorable things about Sydney is the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


People who are not familiar with Australia usually buy into the stereotype that it is a cultural wasteland with no highways and a lot of desert. This is no way true as Australia has built up a fantastic cultural heritage that takes its cue from the Aboriginal people who inhabited the land before the people from the Northern Hemisphere settled in the late 18th century. While it is true that a great portion of the continent of Australia is taken up by some major deserts, there are most certainly highways to every major city and the drive from Alice Springs, which is at the southern tip of Australia’s Northern Territory state, is one of beauty and mystique.

However, you will have to LOVE driving if you want to do this drive. There is no direct highway between Alice Springs and Sydney, you’ll have to take the long way round and end up taking in most of South Australia if you want to take the quickest route. Suddenly flying from Alice Springs to Sydney isn’t looking so bad if you factor in the amount of petrol you’ll be guzzling and the cost and logistics of renting a car to drive halfway across the continent.

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7 Must Do Things If Visiting Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge and CBD

One of the most visited bridges in the world, Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney is a city that is filled with many things to do and see. It’s fair to say that you will never be bored when in Sydney and there’s even more to see every time you visit but if you are a new visitor and have absolutely no idea which things to see or what things to do then here are seven must do things when you visit Sydney. If wondering where to lay your head each night to get some good solid sleep after a day in the harbour city click here and consider a Sydney furnished apartment.

Here is our 7 must do things on your visit to Sydney, Australia.

1. Bondi Beach
Bondi is the typical beach thing you simply HAVE to do when visiting Sydney, even if you hate the beach and the surfers you must pay a visit because if you don’t, you’ll have everyone who has done so giving you a dismayed look and saying “You didn’t go to Bondi?!?!”. Bondi is very popular with tourists who are looking for the ultimate beach experience and you can’t get that anywhere but on Bondi Beach.

2. A Walk through Newtown
If you enjoy walking and experiencing an authentic Australian suburb then a walk through Newtown cannot be beaten. On a walk down King Street you’re going to come across Sydney’s best culture and entertainment. Also, there are many pubs to be sampled if you like your ale. The Tocadero dance hall is a conservation project that is a symbol of Newtown’s wonderful bygone age.

3. Ferry to Manly
Manly is a suburb in Northern Sydney, to the north east of the Sydney Central Business District. There are roads to Manly but it is highly recommended you take the ferry service to Manly Wharf from Circular Quay. The ferry allows for you to see the stunning Sydney harbour in all its glory and the surrounding national parks on the 30 minute journey. Once in Manly, you have the option of heading to its world famous beaches, which stretch all the way along the coastline. Manly was named by Captain Arthur Phillip for the indigenous people that lived there, Phillips said in his report that their confidence and manly behavior made the name choice easy.

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Is Perth, Australia Worth a Visit?

Perth is the fourth largest city in Australia and the state capital of Western Australia. Named after Perth in Scotland, it was originally founded in 1829 by Royal Navy Captain James Stirling, then in command of the HMS Success. Perth was to be the administrative centre for the Swan River Colony, which was the early name for the state of Western Australia.

After gaining city status in 1856, Perth began to see a rise in its population when gold was found in Western Australia and, much like Melbourne on the other side of Australia in Victoria, became a major boom town in the late 19th century. After the Second World War, the immigration of people from the likes of Britain, Italy and Greece led to a rapid growth in the population and assured its status as a major city of Australia.

Today, Perth is still a major boom town with many mining operations and Petroleum companies headquartered in the city and this has contributed greatly to the city having a steady economic growth and a low unemployment rate. Tourism in Perth is also equally important to Perth’s economy, with an estimated three million domestic and over a million international visitors a year. Perth is usually the first destination international tourists will be arriving at in Australia and one of the more popular domestic routes is flights arriving in Melbourne from Perth.

Perth’s major attractions include Fremantle, which is a separate city to Perth but its harbour serves as the port of Perth, so the two cities are extremely close. Fremantle boasts the oldest building still standing in Western Australia; The Round House, built in 1830 it was used as a prison until 1886. Another former prison is Fremantle Prison, built by convict labour in the 1850s, Fremantle Prison took over from Round House as the main prison in 1886 and remained a working prison until 1991.

There’s also the original Fremantle railway station, which was built in 1881 and moved to its present location in 1907. Rottnest Island is located 11 miles off Fremantle and is an A Class reserve devoted to tourists and recreational activities.

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Where Do You Find Sydney Travel Deals and Good Advice?

Sydney Opera House on Sydney Harbour

In search of Sydney travel deals online to wander though Sydney Opera House, look no further than Sydney Flights Accommodation

When booking a trip to Sydney, your mind is filled with many questions. If you are an international traveller who’s never been to Sydney before then you must have a lot of them. What can you expect? What are the people like? What is the food like? Is there easy access to transport? What are the places that are good to go with children? There are lot of things to consider and the first thing is the flights and accommodation.

There are numerous travel agents and sites on the internet that claim to offer the best deals and packages, however a good resource and informative travel site is  SydneyFlightsAccommodation.com.au offer the cheapest deals around on flights to and accommodation in Sydney and their website offers a search engine which easily allows you to search the best deals on flights and accommodation in Sydney.

The capital of New South Wales is a vibrant city with much to offer the new and seasoned traveller. The only thing to expect in Sydney is a good time for all. Sydney is consistently ranked as one of the worlds most liveable cities and it is a veritable playground for adults and children alike. Some of the top ten things to do while in Sydney are Bondi Beach, Bondi seduces even the most seasoned surfer into making Sydney their home with its dazzling beaches and glistening water. There’s also a stunning coastal path to walk if the beach life isn’t quite your thing.

Shopping on Oxford Street, this may have Londoners and those familiar with the UK capital confused. Confusion deepens when you learn Oxford Street is located in the area of Paddington, which is also a district of London. Oxford street, like its London namesake is a shopping mecca with all the high class stores so if you’re looking for retail therapy, get yourself down there.

If you’re in Sydney in January, you’re in for a treat. The Sydney Festival is an annual celebration of all things Sydney and more. The city centre is devoid of cars and is turned into a heaving mass of humanity as people come together to eat, drink, listen to the music and watch as Sydney comes alive.

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What to Expect on your Flight from Sydney to Tasmania

Cradle Mountain in Tasmania

Flights into Tasmania from all capital cities including Sydney travel to see Cradle Mountain.

The island of Tasmania is a major tourist hotspot for people wishing to experience the famous large and unspoiled natural environment the island has. It’s easily the largest island state in Australia and the first European settlers called it Van Diemen’s Land. This was Abel Tasman’s sponsor, Anthony Van Diemen, who was governor of the Dutch East Indies. Later on though, the island was renamed Tasmania in honour of Abel Tasman, who had actually discovered it in 1642.

If you’re flying to Tasmania from Sydney, it would most likely be Hobart that you’ll fly into. Hobart is Tasmania’s state capital and its skyline is dominated by the ever present Mount Wellington, one of the highest peaks on the island. Hobart is the financial centre of Tasmania and as such experiences a lot of traffic coming from the mainland.

Flights to Hobart from Sydney are offered by some of the major airlines in Australia, Qantas operates around three to four flights daily from Sydney to Hobart. Virgin Australia and Jetstar operate flights but these are the only other two airlines that currently operate on this route. It is around the same number if you are flying from Sydney to Launceston, which is Tasmania’s second largest city population wise.

Luanceston is one of Australia’s oldest cities, settled in 1806 and is home to many historic buildings. Flight time from Sydney to Tasmania is almost two hours. Time is the reason so many people choose to fly from city to city in Australia, being stuck in a car or on a boat just doesn’t appeal to many people when it comes to travelling. Plus, the necessity of being somewhere in time for a business meeting or conference is paramount to flight times being short and the volume of flights per day being high.

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Is Melbourne the Culture Capital of Australia?

Flinders Street Train Station in Melbourne

Flinders Street Train Station in Melbourne is a great place to meet with family or friends before heading out in search of culture.

Melbourne is a city that has been in existence since 1835, when settlers from Launceston in Van Diemen’s Land decided to cross the Bass Strait and settle the area around Port Phillip. You may be unfamiliar with the name Van Diemen’s Land as today it is known as the island of Tasmania. Melbourne was named after the British Prime Minister of the time, William Lamb, who was 2nd Viscount Melbourne.

In 1847, Queen Victoria officially declared Melbourne a city and four years later in 1851 it became a state Capital when the state of Victoria was created. Melbourne’s fortunes then rose when panhandlers stuck gold and there was a massive gold rush in the 1850s. Melbourne quickly became one of the wealthiest and most desirable cities in Australia. When Australia became an independent nation in 1901, Melbourne was the seat of the Australian government until 1927. Melbourne weathered the Great Depression of the 1930s despite being hit very hard by its effects and, as such, today Melbourne is Australia’s second most populous city after Sydney.

But despite all its achievements and prestige, is Melbourne the culture capital of Australia? If we examine the evidence, we can see that Melbourne certainly has a lot to offer in the way of culture. Melbourne plays host to many cultural events, street parties, festivals, art displays, musical and theatre performances throughout the year. It truly is surprising that 12 months is enough time to fit in all these wonderful happenings that occur throughout the city.

Some of the Festivals include the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, which started in 1987, the Melbourne International Film Festival, which began in 1952, the Melbourne International Arts Festival, which began in 1986, the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, started in 1995, and the Melbourne International Animation Festival which is a subsidiary of the Melbourne International Film Festival. All these festivals, and the many more which are part of the social calendar of Melbourne, were founded due to Melbourne’s undeniable status as a city of great culture and prosperity and further reading on Melbourne and things to do and see can be found over at http://melbourneflightsaccommodation.com.au/.

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How to Get From the Outback to the Harbour Quickly

sunset over Kakadu

Leaving the outback and the sun over Kakadu and the top end of Australia

A country like Australia can not be traversed as quickly as say, Ireland or the UK. Especially if travelling by car. That’s why if you need to travel from Darwin to Sydney, you must take a flight if you want to get there within a reasonably quick time. Darwin is located at the tip of Australia’s Northern Territory, which is largely known as Australia’s outback.


The Outback and Darwin

Darwin is also a major gateway to visitors going to and from south east Asia and the region maintains a tropical climate with a wet and dry season. A flight from Darwin to Sydney is non stop and usually takes a little over 4 hours,they are regularly run by Qantas, Virgin Australia and Tiger airways and the number of flights can be 3 to 4 per day.

Prices on these vary by airline but can start from as low as $400 Australian dollars. When travelling from Darwin to Sydney, tourists can experience the multifaceted Australian culture and the great differences between the two cities.

Historically, the city hasn’t had it so good. It has had to be rebuilt twice, the first time after Japanese air raids in world war two which completely devastated the city. Then, in 1974, the cyclone Tracy hit Darwin and it destroyed over 70 percent of the city and killed 71 people.

Darwin had always been under threat of Cyclones and had been severely tested by them a couple of times before but Tracy managed what the other cyclones couldn’t and with most of the old buildings not being able to withstand a direct hit from a Cyclone, there was widespread devastation so severe that when a special reconstruction commission was put together for Darwin in 1975, it was advocated that the entire city be rebuilt elsewhere.

This didn’t happen and today Darwin is one of Australia’s more modern cities. Visitors come to Darwin to embark on tours of Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park and Katherine Gorge and as such, usually visit during the cooler part of the dry season, which is usually April through September.

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Finding Domestic and International Flights Through Australia

Sydney harbour at night.

When booking flights to Sydney, the image of the harbour is always on the mind.

Australia is a vast country, and the easiest way to travel from city to city is generally by air. The major airlines, including Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Qantas, feature flights to all major Australian cities and many international cities. Finding your flights through Australia early can help save time and stress. In fact, this is often the best way to get great deals on airfare. Booking as far ahead of your scheduled trip as possible is preferable. Most airlines allow you to book as early as a year in advance. Booking no later than four weeks in advance can still net you a decent price when you know how to shop.


Most domestic and international carriers charge extra for checked baggage. If you tend to travel light, this may not affect you. Those who are planning long trips or who have extra baggage should leave room in their budgets for these costs and compare the available offers for the best deals on baggage. Additionally, paying for your checked baggage in advance whenever possible can lead to considerable savings.

Hidden Costs

You may encounter hidden costs when it is time to pay for your tickets. Travel agents, call centres and online aggregators often include heavy fees. Instead, book directly through the airline whenever possible. Some airlines also charge extra fees if you use your credit card to book your flight. Use a debit card if possible to avoid these unwanted charges.

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A Unique Accommodation Option For Sydney

bedroom in a Sydney furnished property

Sydney 5 star accommodation with Furnished Properties at reasonable rates.

Travelling to Sydney, whether for business or pleasure, is an absolute must. But where will you stay once you get there? A hotel is the perfect option for those who enjoy being waited on and having everything taken care of for them. It may also be a good choice for those looking only to visit for a short time. Alternatively, a fully furnished apartment is the best option for those wishing to linger in Sydney and enjoy life similar to a true Sydneysider.

One of the best sites to visit when looking for fully furnished apartments in Sydney is, www.furnishedproperties.com.au, which offers countless options to choose from. They have a range of beautifully furnished apartments on offer in Sydney, most of which are located in Sydney’s prime neighborhoods in the eastern suburbs and the city itself. The site offers both short stay, or long stay accommodations and most of their properties can be shared. There is also student accommodation available, which can include single apartments, or the larger shared houses. In addition, all of the available properties are in fabulous locations close to great universities like Sydney University and the University of New South Wales.

There are other fantastic choices in the furnished property range; such as luxurious and private executive apartments, which come in one or two bedrooms. These apartments are perfect for a luxurious weekend away, and since they are within walking distance of downtown Sydney, they are also perfect for anyone who may have business in the city. Some of the other features of these apartments include wireless internet and a security intercom. If you absolutely must have a beach view, you will simply adore their seashore apartments, which come in your choice of one, two or three bedrooms. These apartments are found along the popular Bondi and Coogee Beaches, two of Sydney’s finest beaches.

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The Best Travel Advice for Australia

sun goes down over Broome, Australia

Some of the best sunsets in the world can be experienced in Australia.

Colonized by the British Empire in the late 1700s, Australia was established as a penal colony for British prisoners and during the late 18th and 19th centuries more than 150,000 convicts were transported to Australia and Tasmania. Transportation ceased when the Empire began to decline and Australia had an increasing population due to reformed prisoners leading new lives on the continent. Today, Australia is the world’s 12th largest economy and as one of the most beautiful continents in the world, Australia is not short of tourists. Many people love going down under to experience the many delights that Australia has to offer.

Good advice is to read up on the history and the culture of the country, plus check out informative travel websites such as www.totallyaustralia.com Australia has a rich, cultural heritage that pre dates colonization and the Aboriginal people have many descendants in Australia today, much like the Native Americans of the United States and there is much to be learned when travelling across the six states and various territories that make up this wonderful frontier. If you are a desert adventurer then Australia has plenty of desert, mainly in Western Australia, which is by far the biggest of Australia’s mainland states. The biggest deserts are the Great Victoria and the Gibson desert. If you prefer a little more of a city vibe then the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide will never disappoint.

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Awesome Travel Deals to the Harbour City

I spent my first morning in Sydney in the Royal Botanic Garden where I had the best view of the sun rising over the harbour. The World Heritage-listed Opera House glowed in the early morning light, and even though I was jet-lagged, I could not help but be inspired by the beauty and all the possibilities of this amazing city.

Visiting Sydney has always been my dream. This is where modern-day Australia began, and the city is steeped in history. Unlike some historic places, however, Sydney is dazzlingly modern, and the sleek skyscrapers of the CBD coexist peacefully with the cobbled streets and sandstone pubs in The Rocks. I spent a day at the Taronga Zoo where I was able to see wombats, platypuses, red pandas and other unusual creatures and a night at the Opera House where we were able to relax with a glass of wine on the terrace overlooking colourful Circular Quay. Every day that I spent in Sydney brought something new and exciting, and my evenings spent exploring the city’s fine restaurants and indulging in the diverse flavours of Sydney. I even whiled away an entire day shopping the markets.

By researching deals on travel when visiting Sydney, I was able to save more of my budget for all the side trips I really wanted to take and all the little luxuries in which I wanted to indulge. It can be really hard to find good rates on airfare and accommodations, but I wanted to have enough left over to visit the Blue Mountains, some of the area wineries and splurge on locally made products at Sydney’s markets. Finding good airfare can be difficult since the rates tend to change daily and even sometimes hourly.

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